Breath of the Wild Fire Arrows MADE REAL!

2021-ж., 25-фев.
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Today we are creating the fire arrows from Zelda: Breath of Fire! Will the arrow actually fly through the sky while lit on fire?
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This video is dedicated to our friend and founder Grant Thompson- the one and only King of Random.
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  • What other fictional objects do you want to see us bring to life?!

    The King of RandomThe King of RandomАй мурун
    • I would like to see some ancient arrows from BOTW

      SnivyGaming495SnivyGaming4956 күн мурун
    • Hacksmith says hi

      Infinite LyricsInfinite LyricsАй мурун
    • Lol what if you put powder at the end of the “fire” arrows, after they’re heated up so it will change color, if that would even work :/

      Ben Van DamBen Van DamАй мурун
    • Chaos emeralds that can have effects on the inside

      LinguineLeafeonLinguineLeafeonАй мурун
    • You should make ice arrows from Breath of the Wild (with liquid nitrogen) or light arrows from Twilight Princess

      Faith SSBFaith SSBАй мурун
  • Marche seems salty in the not so fun way...

    Analise EsperanzaAnalise EsperanzaКүн мурун
  • It’s so funny how they laugh when it goes on fire, it’s like they all enjoy the fire! LOL 😂

    Gaming with LisaGaming with Lisa3 күн мурун
  • These are so cool

    Death SkullDeath Skull9 күн мурун
  • NGL, this might look awesome at night!

    StormGamingStormGaming13 күн мурун
  • I'm sorry to tell you but if you want to be specific those are thermight arrows not fire arrows because they only spark

    eqeq14 күн мурун
  • @5:44 really concentrated face 😂

    Adrian SantibanezAdrian Santibanez18 күн мурун
  • Do you have to heat the metal up, or can you just shoot it and it creates sparks?

    MadisonMadison18 күн мурун
  • 6:59 that laugh scares me 😳

    Victor Hernandez-BryantVictor Hernandez-Bryant18 күн мурун
  • Please do more Breath of the Wild stuff it is so cool! :)

    Carlee WenskyCarlee Wensky21 күн мурун
  • Cali's double chin is awesome

    Jovanny GutierrezJovanny Gutierrez22 күн мурун
  • who is working with Calli? im trying to figure out the names of every one on the team....

    Nicholas BrewerNicholas Brewer24 күн мурун
  • Can you use a cannon to shoot fire bombs!!🧨

    Tyler WTyler W26 күн мурун
  • yall this video is great. ty for doing this cause i love botw :)

    Sabrina TerneusSabrina Terneus28 күн мурун
  • How necessary is heating up the ferrocerium to get it to spark? What about soaking the arrows in the alcohol instead of the target and not heating the head, will you still get combustion?

    DtLSDtLS28 күн мурун
  • I'm truly jealous y'all got to shoot those explody arrows lol. That was extremely awesome

    Pyro SmoakPyro Smoak28 күн мурун
  • can u make a working spinning thanos sword

    Josh LeeJosh Lee29 күн мурун
  • 6:59 that is wut i call an evil laugh!

    Firehawk3672Firehawk3672Ай мурун
  • Grace's excitement made the whole watch worth it

    Infinite LyricsInfinite LyricsАй мурун
  • Shoot a pile or hanging bag of tannerite

    How.About.It.FishingHow.About.It.FishingАй мурун
  • 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    The Faceless GamerThe Faceless GamerАй мурун
  • You should make Aqua Man's trident

    Tristan VarrichioTristan VarrichioАй мурун
  • Do not masey with thes bichis

    Lisa OwingsLisa OwingsАй мурун
  • You r daed

    Steve NoonanSteve NoonanАй мурун
  • 6:58 fireworks

    jake is the coolestjake is the coolestАй мурун
  • More fire please!!!!!!!

    Allie PruettAllie PruettАй мурун
  • Resindentail area🤣😂

    rob hulrob hulАй мурун
  • I'm sorry I'm a weeb lol. The dude was wearing a Shoto Todoroki shirt at 4:42

    Ember SaiyaEmber SaiyaАй мурун
  • Omg yes more funny sound effects please.

    VashnarVashnarАй мурун
  • I would like to suggest you make more ferrosite arrows but this time as Crossbow Bolts for a Crossbow. Or if you want something bigger... a Ballista Bolt. And to drive the satisfaction home, use the arrows to start a fire

    Nicholas SNicholas SАй мурун
  • ( 0:48 ) Long ago, four nations lived together in harmony...

    Dark_Vertigo PlayzDark_Vertigo PlayzАй мурун
  • Amber live adaptation change my mind

    Zraeicro NosliwZraeicro NosliwАй мурун
  • Awesome build!! Where do you get ferrocenium rods and do they come in smaller sizes?

    MeowDeLeonMeowDeLeonАй мурун
  • If Cally not gonna be on here for a while again she either has family issues going on, pregnant,o or sick

    Isaiah GarciaIsaiah GarciaАй мурун
  • When Callie said I'm having fun but I'll share my toys, the look of glee on Nates face tho!!!😂😂😂

    Jaime ParrJaime ParrАй мурун
  • For a minute I thought this might be the Hacksmith

    RadMarshmallow AnimationsRadMarshmallow AnimationsАй мурун
  • :00

    that-one-weirdo-that-one-weirdo-Ай мурун
  • Cali's "Fire Laugth" is the best

    gbauvingbauvinАй мурун
  • It makes me wonder how they would react if they were not preheated.

    Nathan WoffordNathan WoffordАй мурун
  • Imagine shooting these at hay barrels and them blowing up and setting on fire

    Eddie FinleyEddie FinleyАй мурун
  • I read breath of the wild fire arrows Reaction: oh? MUST WATCH

    pida siouypida siouyАй мурун
  • 😄 I loved that!

    AntuRubiconAntuRubiconАй мурун
  • These are awesome

    Hi ByeHi ByeАй мурун
    • More more more

      pida siouypida siouyАй мурун
  • oh Calli you pyro

    Razor HardbroomRazor HardbroomАй мурун
  • 2:11 this is me EVERY time i record something

    Joshua Huff HuffJoshua Huff HuffАй мурун
  • Are calli and Nate married

    Noah AllenNoah AllenАй мурун
  • Are these for sale?

    diodioАй мурун
  • Was was AWESOME!

    MertzMertzАй мурун
  • Now THAT was fantastic! Pyromania as an art form!

    Dancing RainDancing RainАй мурун
  • Her laugh is forced......badly

    done1done1Ай мурун
  • 7:25 The echoing of their laughs in dome makes their laugh sound evil 😈

    seiom jvonyseiom jvonyАй мурун
  • As a lifelong Legend of Zelda fan, watching this was inspiring!! Please find a way to attach liquid nitrogen to arrows to make ice arrows. I was thinking a glass vial but that would probably freeze from the liquid nitrogen, idk enough about it.

    Stefan FStefan FАй мурун
  • Nice idea. Just a bit worried about calis laughter...

    Weekend StuffWeekend StuffАй мурун
    • Y'all should put gas or oil on some clothes and wash it then dry it

      seiom jvonyseiom jvonyАй мурун
  • ice arrow idea: liquid nitrogen in arrows The best thing to use for handling small amounts of liquid nitrogen is actually a standard stainless steel thermos; the only modification needed is a loose fitting styrofoam lid so it spills on impact

    Bernardo VargasBernardo VargasАй мурун
  • 6:59 the best excited evil laugh ever.. somebody needs to put that laugh in a game or something

    Aaron WildeAaron WildeАй мурун
  • This is a quality video. Can't go wrong with fire arrows and explosions lol.

    Jason ClarkeJason ClarkeАй мурун
  • I think I am in love ...

    Chad SanbornChad SanbornАй мурун
  • More more more

    Arvin BelarminoArvin BelarminoАй мурун
  • Imagine just enjoying your life until you saw some girl laughing maniacally at a burning wall

    Tun MifzalTun MifzalАй мурун
  • Basically skip to 6min

    Frances VotearyFrances VotearyАй мурун
  • I thought that Nate has the fakest laugh, but no - Cali is on the top

    Kazik PalecKazik PalecАй мурун
  • Now do ice arrows

    BreadBreadАй мурун
  • anthem

    Tejal ParulekarTejal ParulekarАй мурун
  • And if you do get any bubbles after the pour you use heat to pop them. I like to use a blow torch. You can use a blow dryer but you have to get really close and it's likely to blow dust particles on it.

    ThePrufessaThePrufessaАй мурун
  • Cali's evil laugh is serotonin

    Kingkevin108Kingkevin108Ай мурун
  • fly oddly

    bilinas minibilinas miniАй мурун
  • joergsrprave out to try this

    tao nicontao niconАй мурун
  • This is so cool

    Ellie belly The dogEllie belly The dogАй мурун
  • I always wondered if you out gun powder in a light bulb will it exploded like in the movies?

    Travis HudsonTravis HudsonАй мурун
  • I did not know that resin burns, I'm not sure how but I will definitely be putting that information to use.

    kilgirlie troutkilgirlie troutАй мурун
  • I've started playing botw a ton after not touching it for years because a boko killed me super early in the game because I thought it was too hard. Now I'm trying to complete everything. All 900 koroks, all 120 shrines, all of the memories, and everything else. I've been waiting for this. Fire arrows are awesome and so are ice arrows. Great against enemies of the opposite type. And ancient arrows are overpriced.

    13_cmi .13_cmi .Ай мурун
  • It will Keal!

    Joshua BaughnJoshua BaughnАй мурун
  • 6:59 The maniacal laughter you're looking for. :D

    stilldkingstilldkingАй мурун
  • You gave Cali ranged fire... this cant possibly end well

    ConnorSinclairCavinConnorSinclairCavinАй мурун
  • 8:24 I thought he was going to shoot through the hole.

    Deegan38Deegan38Ай мурун
  • Cause I'm tiny and POWERFUL! Is the best line ever

    Ethan AdamsEthan AdamsАй мурун
  • callis laugh is to beefy

  • Dragon breath shotgun

    Everyones Favorite couzinEveryones Favorite couzinАй мурун
  • It makes sense you guys went to test them inside a bokoblin big skull hideout

    Ed SylvesteEd SylvesteАй мурун
  • make Rambo exploding arrows

    Ron CooperRon CooperАй мурун
  • What a maniacal laugh!

    Dianne HutchinsonDianne HutchinsonАй мурун
  • Callie: Let's make it even better! Me: what're you gonna do put gasoline over there or someth- Callie: 7:23 Me: *AA*

    HorizonHorizonАй мурун
  • Electric arrow next

    Brandon BishopBrandon BishopАй мурун
  • Ferrocerium arrows can be used like flaming arrows in BotW but with a shower of sparks that'll cover melee range when you release. Noted.

    The_Human-WitherThe_Human-WitherАй мурун
  • “Explodiest”?

    Kevin OlverKevin OlverАй мурун
  • A woman after my own heart!

    Kevin OlverKevin OlverАй мурун
  • I have a question. Are the arrows re-usable after you've shot them? Can you fire the same arrow multiple times? Also, how hot do you need them to get to make the explosion?

    Lord of LeviathansLord of LeviathansАй мурун
  • Nate's first shot.... with the bow and arrow... had a muzzle flash, that has to be a first.

    Dude On A CowDude On A CowАй мурун
  • Wooow

    RedaAbdullah1RedaAbdullah1Ай мурун
  • Make a life sized gaurdian

    PhingerpaintInsanityPhingerpaintInsanityАй мурун
  • Nate is correct. Same concept when you use the foundry to melt and cast molds. You heat up your graphite molds before pouring into them to avoid steam explosions, because the super heated metal instantly vaporizes water molecules on a colder surface.

    redclark831redclark831Ай мурун
  • Hey, when did Nate pass on the crown?

    Vicky AndersonVicky AndersonАй мурун
  • That's just woww

    Gherome SilvestreGherome SilvestreАй мурун
  • That was cool when you threw it on the wall awesome

    luis castroluis castroАй мурун
  • Omg guys you have to recreate your favorite weapon from Raid Shadow Legends

    Mike WilsonMike WilsonАй мурун
  • Love Cali's evil laugh btw‼️😈 🔥= Mwahahaha‼️

    Nash hsaNNash hsaNАй мурун
  • Now that y'all made fire arrows 🔥🏹 (AWESOME), you guys should try making ice and lightning arrows to complete the set. 🧊🏹 ⚡🏹

    Nash hsaNNash hsaNАй мурун
  • Arson arrow

    CorCor UwUCorCor UwUАй мурун
  • Dragon's breath "projectile launcher" cartridges

    mikea hiooimikea hiooiАй мурун
  • The real fire arrows are just explosive arrows

    Atharv ChauhanAtharv ChauhanАй мурун
    • Don’t keep your finger on the arrow with your bowhand, it’s not necessary and it will ruin the arrow’s flight. If you have a bow without an arrow rest of some sort, tilt the bow so

      mikea hiooimikea hiooiАй мурун